sonya bleiph is a freelance filmmaker, production designer and creative director.

having moved from Russia to the UK, she obtained a BSc Human Sciences degree at UCL and recently completed her MA in Film Making at CFS.

sonya burst into the creative industry switching her path from Biosciences to Art Direction. With the same attention to detail, she now thoughtfully selects every prop for a set and would climb every fence and rummage through every trash can to get the pieces she wants. Aside from her art direction practice, she’s also written and directed several short films.

her veins are filled with the post-USSR anti-utopian craze and her work ethic is artistically explosive while still organised and dedicated.

the intention behind her art and films is to showcase the alternative and bizarre, focus on the unspoken thoughts and indescribable experiences and approach the viewer with almost uncomfortable sincerity.

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